A “muddu bomma” ready to gain weight for a movie

Praneetha Subhash, popularly known as Bapu Bomma by the Telugu audience, has been selected as the heroine in a Hindi film starring Ajay Devgn. In that movie the heroine has to appear in a role with two different variations. Fat in a getup is more likely to appear normal in a getup. That is why Praneeth is currently trying to gain weight, according to cine sources. Heroines gaining weight is an adventurous decision. Already many heroines have lost offers due to weight gain.

The talk is that for Size Zero, Anushka has gained a lot of weight and lost the offer in many movies. However, Praneeth believes in himself and says that he is gaining weight. Praneetha agrees to gain weight without any hassle as it is possible to gain weight naturally and lose weight naturally. Some of the heroines may have given up on this movie with the intention of gaining weight. But Praneeth, who has no chances, is trying to take advantage of this opportunity. We have to see if the Bapu doll who is going to gain more weight comes back to its previous form and is busy.

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