Chittibabu is paired with a basket doll once again on screen ….!

It is known that Megastar Chiru 152nd movie Acharya is currently shooting fast. Star director Koratala Shiva is shooting this film with great ambition. The film is being co-produced by Matney Entertainment and Konidela Productions. But any news related to this movie is still heard on social media today. Makers are making a mass commercial film with social elements. However, Chandamama Kajal Agarwal is playing the megastar duo in this movie. This is the second film in the combination of the two. So far, Chiru Kajal has impressed in the movie ‘Prisoner No.150’ together. However, it is known that megapower star Rancharan is playing a key role in this film.

Charan is playing a minor role in either multistarrer Analem Acharya. The makers have already said that Charan will be the heroine in the film. Recently, the film crew went in search of the heroine. The latest information is that star heroine Pooja Hegde has done OK. The names of heroines like Kiara Rashmika along with Charan have been heard till now but finally the pooja is confirmed. Currently Pooja is busy with huge movies. Acharya is doing a somewhat lengthy role in the film. This is the first time he has done a film opposite Pooja Rancharan. So far Rancharan has played with Charan in the stage film. This time acting as the heroine. Let’s see how Charan’s chemistry with Jigel Rani is!

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