Hackers hacked popular actress’ insta account

In recent times, we have seen the hacking of celebrities’ accounts on social media. Twitter .. YouTube .. Instagram has been hacked and they are posting the stuff they want. A few days ago Manchu Manoj .. Heroine Varalakshmi and Pooja Hegde accounts were hacked. The anchor Lasya YouTube channel was also hacked three days ago. This hacking has become common in the industry. This time the senior heroine Tabu’s Instagram account was hacked.

The hackers who hacked the Tabu Instagram account posted a post saying that it is the best way to get easy money. There was also the phone number of those who had previously won Make Money with mobile board games. Some thought it was true and some why a star heroine like Tabu would post like this. She thought her account had been hacked. Tabu reported that my account had been hacked. Tabu stated that he was trying to recover his account immediately.

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