The beauty of Tollywood gave a shock with smoking

This is a completely different action to the Beauty Kajal film. It seemed so reassuring in public. It appears in a bag covered with a drawstring. Is this true .. Fozula on the screen? If you ask me .. all these are called web series called live telecast stint.

Kajal is playing the role of a ghost in this web series which has recently come to streaming. In fact, Kajal appears to be the TV host who goes to para regular activities. But the scene where he smokes a cigarette came as a shock. Fans are criticizing Mitravinda for not doing this no matter how many web series he does. There is a feeling that their favorite star is going the wrong way.

Kajal, on the other hand, appears in a web series called 3 Roses, directed by Maruti. Acharya is also playing opposite Chiranjeevi

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